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Straddling Pendulum Technology

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Swing Plates, Swing Beams, Swing Columns:

A revolutionary advance in Residential Base Isolation.

We invented Straddling Pendulum Technology.

A new concept that overcomes most of the limitations of older base isolation designs. With the invention of the swing plate as the integral part of the swing beam a new building component was born. This seismic wave base isolation system has the purpose of absorbing seismic wave displacement energy in all directions. This unique design can scale up for very large and heavy loads or scale down to protect sensitive cargo and equipment from destructive motion. This invention is particularly suited to reduce the initial shock of horizontal ground displacement. This system has a simple design shape and is therefore inexpensive to construct, is easy to engineer and deploy, it requires no uncommon material and requires very little maintenance or advanced electronics.

Below is an example of a six story business center protected by six swing columns! The swing plates used are 3-inch thick steel plate with a leg distance(cylinder bearing to cylinder bearing) of 5-feet !

  • Straddling Pendulum technology cost less. It has a simple form factor that is easy to build. It will handle larger ground displacements. It has many options for motion damping. It requires very little maintenance. Has a long life span with constant performance in extreme heat or cold because it contains NO oils or rubbers. And can be engineered to act as a Tuned-Mass Damper.

  • A very simple construct.

    All flat steel plates are at right angles (very strong) they are then easily welded together to form the Top & Bottom walled components. Then the plate racks lay on top of the walls these plate racks have semi circle slots to hold the round cylinder bearing, the cylinder bearing has a straight slot cut length wise to hold the swing plates, the swing plates can be 1/2-inch to 3-inches thick!

  • This shows a Residential deployment.
    This is just one example of a home being protected.
  • This shows a new vertical axis unit.
    This is just one of at least four columns, needed to support a typical structure.
  • This shows a new low profile model for use in DataCenters or Hospitals.
    This is just one of at least four columns, needed to support a typical structure.
  • shows a single layer of the NEW style of swing beams

    Essentially joining the swing plates. ---- This will make new swing plate stronger:

  • shows a single layer of NEW style swing beams

Copyright © 2013 Larry Bowlus.All rights reserved.Patented Technology US8464477 Single Wall and Patent Pending 14/545,490 Multi Walled

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