Base Isolation of Alaska
Straddling Pendulum Technology


1. Straddling Pendulum Technology costs less and is not complex.
2. It has a simple form factor, and the engineering needed to deploy is straightforward.
3. It is usually made of simple plate steel, but other materials will work as well.
4. This is the only device where you can predetermine the period of motion.
5. This is the only device that you can protect from any ground displacement.
6. It will handle larger ground displacements, more than any prior device.
7. It will absorb and dissipate more seismic energy, more than any prior device.
8. It has more options for motion damping, more than any prior device.
9. It has a very long life span and requires very little maintenance.
10. It will react in 360° of horizontal ground motion and vertical motion.
11. Constant performance in extreme heat or cold.
12. It can be engineered to act as a Tuned-Mass Damper.